Naturally Plastic

The search for plastic materials that can respond jointly to the consumption and production requirements and the ever-pressing environmental needs, has led to the development of bio-plastics: raw materials of vegetable origin entirely derived from renewable resources.
The products made from bio-plastics, return to nature at the end of their life-cycle, without causing any damage to the environment.

Bio-plastics come from renewable resources of agricultural origin, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, reduce energy and non-renewable resources consumption and complete a virtuous circle: the raw materials of agricultural origin return to the earth through processes of biodegradation and composting, without releasing pollutants. With this new ecological raw materials Usobio manufactures and markets kitchenware (biodegradable and compostable plates, biodegradable and compostable glasses, biodegradable and compostable cutlery, biodegradable and compostable drinking straws, biodegradable and compostable cups), bottles, bio-shoppers, bags and constantly looks for new applications and uses, while respecting the environment.

Usobio offers a continually improved products selection, constantly updated with new materials and new technologies for sustainable production.

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OK Compost

The raw materials used are certified with the "OK compost" marking, which ensures compliance to the European norms concerning biodegradable packaging, issued in 2002 (EN 13432 Directive).