Usobio offers the possibility to personalise some products for advertising your brand or logo and to convey your eco-friendly corporate policy.


A special personalisation service was conceived for the Bioshoppers, which meet the needs coming from laws imposing the use of biodegradable shopping bags. You can create Bioshoppers for your business with personalised graphics and a message.

Tableware Kit

Designed for restaurants, canteens, festivals and events, the personalised Usobio tableware kits allow placing your corporate identity on an eco-friendly product and promoting the responsible consumption of resources.

Cups in paper and PLA

Usobio allows you to create biodegradable paper and PLA cups personalised with your company's graphics and logo: for amusement parks, catering companies, events, clubs, it is now possible to communicate your commitment to the environment through the responsible use of biodegradable disposable products.


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Usobio offers a continually improved products selection, constantly updated with new materials and new technologies for sustainable production.

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OK Compost

The raw materials used are certified with the "OK compost" marking, which ensures compliance to the European norms concerning biodegradable packaging, issued in 2002 (EN 13432 Directive).